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Cedar shake siding, likewise known as the staggered cedar shingles, is amongst the most popular siding products in Hayes LA. This type of siding helps to improve the total look of your home, giving it a gorgeous rustic feel. Hence, the value of your house will significantly increase too. The cedar shakes are installed in an existing wood siding or in a wall made of plywood shear. The process of installation is a bit complex and it is for this reason why it is required that you employ cedar shake siding professionals for the task.

Depending upon exactly what you would prefer, you can have the shakes installed in a whole wall or as wainscot of a standard siding. Although there are truly no guidelines that you need to follow for the staggered patterns, it is necessary that the shakes are installed in a comparable fashion as that of the roof in order to prevent the intrusion of water within the walls of your home. In case you are wondering how contractors work on the setup of the cedar shake siding, then you better read this post.

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Components of Setup

It is necessary that the cedar shake siding is installed well. The cedar shake siding specialists will begin by setting up the siding in overlapping horizontal rows of building paper right into the shear wall with making use of a staple gun that can deal with 3/8 inch staples. They will make sure that each row should overlap the previous row for about 3 inches and wraps the corners of the wall in 12 inches. After that, they will cut the paper right at the edges of the window and door openings utilizing an utility knife. In some circumstances, the wall currently has the siding trim and installed and as such, this action will be avoided.

The setup procedure begins right at the bottom of the one end of the wall. The contractors will align the thick and lower edge of the cedar shake right at the low edge of the siding or shear wall. Then among the vertical edges right at the edge of the trim or corner of the wall will have to be aligned. The cedar shakes will then be connected with a set of 5D galvanized box nails in addition to a hammer or shingle hatchet. The nails are then installed 6 inches listed below the upper and thin edges of the shake and each has to do with an inch away from the outer edge.
Repeating the Installation Process

The cedar shake siding specialists will do the installation process over once again in order to finish the first row originating from one end to another. Then they will cut a filer shake for among the ends with making use of a knife. This is done by utilizing the edge of another shake as guide to scoring a line from the thin edge towards the thick edge. At the same time, they will stand the shake straight off the thin edge and after that divided it to a particular width by striking on the thicker edge with a shingle hatchet.

The second row of the shakes will then be set up in staggered pattern. This is done by selecting the shakes that are broad that could span the joints in between the 2 shakes down below that prevents water intrusion the very same with shingles that remain in a roofing system. The professionals will stagger a shake down at a maximum of 6 inches. The shake can be potentially staggered upward as far as the line of the nails that are on the very first row. The specialists will use a set of nails for each shake just like the previous ones.

Final Part of the Installation Process

The cedar shake siding professionals will continue with the installation of the rows of shakes in a staggered pattern. And once again, they will make certain to choose the shakes that are large enough that could cover a seam down listed below or slim in order to balance out with the seam listed below. They will guarantee that the thick edges of the shake will cover the nails at shakes listed below in order to accomplish the best appearance of the siding.

The cedar shake siding professionals will operate in a portable scaffold in order to set up the uppermost row at the wall. They will measure the shake to length for the leading row and after that score it a number of times right throughout the face with using a knife and snap them off towards the unused part.

Work with a Professional Cedar Shake Siding Specialist Near Me

As you may have discovered, the procedure of installing the cedar shake siding is a bit complicated. Bear in mind that this siding product is not like other type of siding products out there. It is a bit various and if you do not have much understanding with construction jobs, you will definitely have a hard time. If you plan on getting the cedar shake siding set up in your home in Hayes LA, do not ever try to work on it on your own. Why don’t you hire a professional contractor for the task?